Christmas Present from Armourfast

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Re: Christmas Present from Armourfast

Post by adt70hk » Thu Sep 16, 2021 11:48 am

Armourfast-Colin wrote:
Thu Sep 16, 2021 8:16 am
Been away myself - really busy with work... but these do look nice kits - though quite expensive.
Also, I already have 13 of the Matchbox ones, so difficult to justify these... I think... :lol:
Agree Colin, not cheap but it was at the height of lockdown and so wasn't spending the money on anything else.

They look VERY good on the sprue. The few build blogs I've seen haven't highlighted any major issues.

I built a couple of the Matchbox ones as a kid but they have long gone to the plastic graveyard in the sky...



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Re: Christmas Present from Armourfast

Post by MrsWargamer » Thu Oct 07, 2021 6:56 pm

Just commenting on previous posts.

Airfix is a gold mine of soft skins for a nice price. Their Vintage Classics also have some gems even in 2021. They can be a source of Hobarts Funnies.
Recently assembled a Bofors AA gun that went together rather well for an older kit.

Revell Germany is a nice source of old Matchbox classics as well. Easy to identify, they still have the included bases. They also to the Cromwell Comet still.

One of my reasons to be interested in Armourfast, great price, two vehicle subjects in the kit, great starting points for scratch building variants.

Plus you could be building variant parts for other brands rather than go the expense of making full kits in some cases.

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