Dealing with Spammers

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Dealing with Spammers

Post by Armourfast-Colin » Thu Feb 08, 2018 5:58 pm

OK, people, listen up...

As some of you will be aware, we have not only had issues recently with Spammers, but we've also had a number of porn postings (I've checked them out so that you guys don't need to - it's all part of the service :lol: ). This needs combating as effectively as we can.

Some of the people that had logged onto the site not only had fairly obviously "dodgy" names, but they all had email addresses ending in .ru; however, the guys that posted the porn had been hiding away with apparently "sensible" names & email addresses...

So, following a discussion with Tracy, I've taken the following action...
  • If you registered onto the site, but then have NEVER posted or even LOGGED ON logged on since that point, your account has been deleted
  • If you have registered & logged on at least ONCE since that point, then your account is still active. However, if by the end of February you have not made a posting, even if it's simply to introduce yourself (as everyone is asked to do), then your account will also be DELETED
  • If you have to re-register your account, then it will need approving before you can post as will a number of your actual postings until we can be sure that what your posting is relevant to the Armourfast Forum
  • As is pointed out elsewhere, if your username looks like spam, then it will be treated as such & your account will NOT be approved; so please use something that's likely to mean something to other people, rather than just something "quirky" that means something to you
We realise that some of this may appear to be draconian, but people have to play by the rules (no spam, no porn, etc) or not be here & unfortunately, the action that we've taken is the most direct & easy for us at the admin end to put through; hopefully most of you will understand & appreciate that.

Thanks for taking the time to read this & now go off, make some kits & start posting the photos & stuff!!!

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