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More Spammer stuff

Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 10:13 am
by Armourfast-Colin
Hi everyone,

Recently, since the reboot of the forum, we've again been plagued with spammers trying to set up spurious accounts; one actually got through, but because messages from new users are held in a moderation queue, I was able to delete them.

Not sure whether this increased activity was because they'd found a loophole, it was "our turn" again, or simply they'd worked out the answer. Whichever it was, I've now changed the signup question & lo & behold, prospective spammer accounts have dropped to zero! :D

The question does require a little "root" through the main Armourfast website, but it is in clear view... so if you're a real person, you should be able to spot it if you're really interested in Armourfast & joining our community...