Anybody home... ?

We're all interested to know "what's next" so this is where Tracy, Nicholas & the team will be able to share with us what's on the bench & the progress it's making into full production. But please be patient as things don't always go smoothly!
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Re: Anybody home... ?

Post by Armourfast-Colin » Fri Apr 02, 2021 2:23 pm

@HH - Yes a CNC machine (at least as I understand it :lol: ) allows moulds (or should that be molds, or is that just American??) to be cut directly from a 3D software model. So rather than having to make the mo[u?]ld by hand - or at least the basic design before being cut by machine - it's done directly once the "electronic model" is made. This has two huge advantages: Speed from design to kit & reduction in cost to get mo[u?]ld made. I recall chatting to Tony ages ago when he was alive & being shocked at the cost of the process.

You can see the impact of CNC machines as that's how, I believe, PSC do theirs which is why they've created so many so quickly. THough AF will be designed at 1/72 scale - whereas (again, my undestanding) PSC design at 15mm & scale up which is why they're slightly "chunkier" details.

@Jamie, I'll come looking for your ideas once Nicholas has completed my 3 pages of them :lol: :lol:

And finally, once again, thanks for your continued support, guys. I know that it's been very quiet & not a lot of information, but hopefully, now that Tracy & Nicholas are back in things will start moving again & I know that they also appreciate the support of you guys.

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Re: Anybody home... ?

Post by sarge831 » Fri Apr 02, 2021 7:11 pm

Definitely 'Moulds' here in the UK Colin, 😀👍

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