Bunny's first 7 Armourfast kits

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Bunny's first 7 Armourfast kits

Post by MrsWargamer » Thu Sep 16, 2021 7:14 pm

So I dove in without question and ordered 7 kits from my local store. In Canada. Ontario. And the price was ok.

The kits.
In no order
M36 Jackson
M10 Achilles
M18 Hellcat
Sherman 105
PzIV early mark.
SU 85

They are all good kits, so there were none I had any regrets with.

They all needed about the same amount of assembly parts clean-up. Not a lot.
They all had tracks that some might complain about on the matter of detail. But I rarely care about that myself.
I think the PZ IV kit was odd for missing any suspension detailing. It was just wheels and tracks. Early release?
I enjoyed getting the M10 Achilles and the Valentine. Not easy to find those vehicles in 72nd scale in my experience.
I considered the SU85 to be the most detailed, or perhaps I should say had the most parts.

I'm assuming the kits are mainly aimed at the tabletop wargaming community.
I am not a tabletop wargamer.
And yes, you can find some kits in 72nd scale with incredible levels of fine detail, PE etc out there.
Well, the thing is, you need to be able to find it and purchase it.
I've lost count of how often I've found a kit that was on the market once but is now no longer available.
Not much point in mentioning a kit I can't buy :)

So I'm hoping that Armourfast succeeds in releasing more items in the future.

I have a vast collection. There isn't much I don't actually have from one brand or another. but I seem to have trouble finding US half-track types. Specifically the M-16 multiple gun AA vehicle. That, and early war British armour subjects and armoured cars.

I have seen you make figure sets and gear. Please keep those in supply. 72nd scale crew is so hard to locate.

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