So, you’ve fought your battle in your tanks and you want somewhere to rest or perhaps as a HQ for your infantry or even somewhere to park your tank behind to hide from the bigger one that’s after you. Whatever the reason, having buildings on a wargaming table makes sense.Of course, in a similar way to how wargamers like to discuss which is the “correct” scale for wargaming & what they really mean, there’s a similar discussion that rages concerning buildings!

The Normandy House that Armourfast have produced fits perfectly with their Armoured Vehicles, many of which were involved in fighting in the Normandy hedgerows which is why this area has been chosen for their first foray into terrain pieces. In terms of scale, it’s also a good match to other plastic quick build buildings on offer as well as the wide range of 1/72 or “20mm” resin buildings available to wargamers, modellers and diorama builders alike.Two straightforward sprues are provided – one largely containing the walls, the other the roof with window shutters & chimney spread across the two.

Two colours have also been used – with roof & Quoin stones in a terracotta colour whilst the walls are a creamy limestone colour; all of which means that you don’t need to paint them (‘though most people will!)

No floors are provided, but these can be easily made (should you wish to) from plasticard or foam card and there are supports at the first floor level to support a floor if you need somewhere for your sniper to stand!So, all in all, a simple to build & use building that is accurate enough, without resorting to gutters, downspouts, etc.; in other words, taking the Armourfast approach to buildings!

Please note: Each box contains 1 house

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