Sherman M4A3 75mm


The M4A3, standardised in January 1942 adopted the new Ford GAA V8 tank engine specially developed for this vehicle. The M4A3 is arguably the single most important version of the Sherman and was the model standardised for US army service after the war. The Sherman went through various gun and armour upgrades throughout WWII as a result of combat experience. The 75mm (M2 L/31) cannon of the early M4’s was upgraded to the higher muzzle velocity 75mm (M3 L/40). In addition “Wet Stowage” was used to store the ammunition in an attempt to reduce the chances of the tank catching fire when hit. There were also improvements in visibility and access over previous versions with vision slots being replaced by periscopes for the driver, a vision cupola for the tank commander and a small oval hatch over the loader’s position.

All our kits come with 2 MODELS IN EACH BOX giving you the flexibility to produce the variation of your choice.

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