Sturmgeschutz III


The Sturmgeschütz (StuG) III was one of a series of assault guns/tank destroyers produced by the Germans during the war. Assault guns were easier, cheaper and less time consuming to produce than turreted tanks and that is why German factories built them in large numbers. Ausf G entered production in December of 1942 and remained in production until March/April of 1945. It was the most numerous from all Sturmgeschutz III guns and with almost 8,000 being produced and was based on the Panzer 3 chassis.

The Ausf G version had the StuK40 L/48 gun as standard making it an effective tank killer a role that, as the war progressed, they were required to fill more and more. The StuG III assault guns gave the German Army a relatively simple armoured and very mobile gun. They were highly successful, if somewhat outclassed by the end of the war.

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