T34 – 85


In response to the German Panzer IV armed with the long barrelled 75mm gun and the Tiger with the 88mm gun, the Soviets increased the T34’s frontal armour and up-gunned it with the long barrelled 85mm gun developed from an anti aircraft gun. But, despite the more powerful gun and the advantage of the new three man-turret which at last freed the commander from being the loader too, the T-3485 wasn’t still a really match for Tigers and Panthers, as the gun could not easily penetrate their thick frontal armour.

The T34/85 entered service in early 1944 and was an excellent fighting vehicle. Though it was never as good as the Tiger and Panther on a one-to-one basis, the sheer numbers produced (over 40,000 of all types between 1940 and 1945) made the T34 a war winner.

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