Tanks!War Game Rules (PDF)


Tanks! is a set of simple rules that allow you to fight battles with your Armourfast model tanks from Alan Abbey.

Each person can have one or more tanks and you can play as a team against another team, or just all together fight and see who is left at the end.

All you need to play are your Armourfast tanks, the box the model came in as a form of measurement, ordinary 6 sided dice and some obstacles (books or boxes from around your home will do).

The games takes into account the different characteristics of each tank, including speed and armour and uses the dice to determine the winner of the battles. Good luck! These rules were recently given a good test when they were used by the Mailed Fist Wargames Group who were attending the IPMS Scale Model World show at Telford in November 2012; There were plenty of games played and lots of fun had, especially by people new to wargaming (of which there were quite a few at this show). The rules were quickly explained by use of the models themselves, and the games quickly commenced… no having to spend hours reading about the intricacies that are involved with some rulesets. In fact, they’re the “Armourfast principle”applied to rules! What’s more, plenty of smiling faces was evidence of the ease at which games could be run.

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